Bridging the Generation Gap – Back to Our Roots Project





Bridging the Generation Gap is a project of the NGO Prosperity for Ethiopia.  Its goal is to enable urban young people from vulnerable populations to reconnect with their roots and improve their socioeconomic status by introducing them to beekeeping and honey processing as income generating activities.

Your Support

With your support, Prosperity for Ethiopia will provide:

  • Training workshops for vulnerable youth, teaching them Ecovillage Design Education (EDE), beekeeing, and bolster their communication skills

How it will work:

  • 20 farmers will host the young people to live and work with them for a two week period
  • The youth and farmers will work hand-in-hand to set up a cooperative for honey production and distribution, as well as related agricultural products
  • The cooperative will have modern apiary (beekeeping) equipment, including simple processing machinery and materials for packaging and selling
  • A central aim of this project will be the celebration of local culture and biodiversity that the farmers and village people imbue in the urban youth, teaching them how to return and live off the land, meaningfully and sustainably.

Project Leadership

The project will be led by Mr. Solomon Desalegn, director of Prosperity for Ethiopia. Mr. Desalegn was born and grew up in the rural southern region of the country and has been working on promoting environmental protection and cultural biodiversity since he was a youth. His village in Ethiopia is rich in natural resources and traditional knowledge, providing him with an opportunity to learn from the community’s elders and leaders indigenous ways and practices. After earning his university degree, he began working for an environmental protection organization. In 2010, Mr. Desalegn invited friends from different walks of life to join him in establishing the NGO Prosperity for Ethiopia. In addition to his work with the NGO, he also serves as an ambassador for GEN Africa.


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