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With your support, during three months, we will  install a mixed system to generate electricity and develop a training course to share this tool as a best practice. Visitors and students in the ecovillage will experiment how to have a 100% renewable source of electricity.  This will be a living example of how to have heavy machinery, electric tools for wood work and building with a clean source of energy.

The project achievement will be documented and uploaded on the GEN communications platforms as Solution Library.

In the Aldea Domo Eco Maiwe the construction of geodesic domes has played an important role in the spread of permaculture and sustainable living practices; there, more than 600 people, including students and volunteers have attended our workshops of sacred geometry, edible landscaping, education for sustainability, permaculture for children, health and spirituality. visiting from different parts of the world, including the anthropologist and expert in holistic education Naomi Paymal and the Chilean biologist Humberto Maturana, who are encourage us to strength the initiative to spread this knowledge.

The work has been documented through documentaries and TV programs such as: Tierra Adentro, Earth, and Cultural Entertaining.

In our research and working with one of our allies Macrosolar, the best will be to have a mixed system of clean technologies (solar and hydroelectric).  To develop a program for the design and installation of this renewable energies system in the ECO-DOME we have been able to reach 1.000EU and still need 4.500 EU.



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