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While the very name “Middle East” evokes images of destruction, displacement and despair, “Fertile Crescent” speaks of an abundant cradle of civilization reminiscent of times past. We want to rekindle a vision of hope for an abundant, peaceful, restored Fertile Crescent.

A very important step on this quest is for people, from all corners of this bioregion, to gather, dream and plan together. We are working on the event “ Earth Healing Gathering, Turkey, 4th to 10th of September 2016” were representatives coming from Afghanistan to Palestine will come together with teachers from around the world to support:

  • Action plans: developed for practical ecological restoration projects, such as tree planting, wetland restoration and bioremediation endorsed by local people for their communities. We will foster an increased understanding and collaboration with neighboring countries for joint actions to restore damaged lands.
  • Increased connection: communication and understanding between people separated by borders, history and war. As has been proved when an event of this nature happens there is a transformation in perceptions and relationships, leading to empowered alliances, partnerships and communities.
  • GEN Fertile Crescent will emerge as a lively transnational Earth Healing network to connect people from the region and around the world and to empower and accelerate its healing and flourishing.

Participation – We anticipate approximately 50 international teachers and 400 regional participants to attend the Gathering. The following organizations have already said YES : Nature Iraq, Buğday Association for Supporting Ecological Living, Persian Wildlife Heritage, Sustainable Living Film Festival, Atolye Deneme Art and Ecological Studies Association, Seiba International Storytelling Centre, Gaia Education, Trees for Life, Dr. Mazin Qumsiyeh– and the number is growing daily.

With the €5,000 we will be able to bring two international and five local teachers to the Gathering. This will make a great contribution to our quests. 

More info:

Leadership – The initiative’s coordinator will be Pupak Haghighi, a resident of the Findhorn ecovillage (Scotland) with a background in Iran and in Japan. Pupak completed her ecovillage design education (EDE) training in Findhorn in 2013. In 2015 she travelled to Iran and Turkey as a GEN ambassador on a scouting mission to prepare for the 2016 inaugural Earth Healing Gathering.

Pupak is the founder of Trees for Hope, an organization to become a Scottish Charity with the aim of setting up practical projects in the Fertile Crescent areas to restore and  heal damaged lands and communities.  The Gathering in Tatvan will be the first practical project for Trees for Hope.

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