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The Council of Sustainable Settlements of the Americas seeks to coordinate and strengthen the actions of Latin American national and regional networks promoting, forming, investigating and disseminating ways of sustainable and regenerative life.

CASA seeks to create and visualize living examples that can inspire change towards life patterns that recover and regenerate the ecological, economic and social systems, we consider vital to ensure the continuity of the human species on earth.

CASA emerged in January 2012 from the convergence of movements and networks towards sustainable living and was given the task of making visible the movement of sustainable settlements in Latin America. CASA connects organizations, settlements, communities, eco-districts, towns in transition, and enterprises that drive the proliferation of intentional projects as benchmarks to a life of regenerative relationship with the planet and among humans.

Please have a look at the CASA video.

Donations to CASA will be used to support the work of GEN, the ecovillage movement and sustainability projects in Latin America.

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CASA – El Consejo de Asentamientos Sustentables de las Américas
Ecovillage Network of Latin America.
CASA website

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