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GEN-Africa is the African ecovillage association, promoting socio-economic resilience, environmental pro­tection and restoration of nature through the concept of ecovillages as models for sustainable human settlements. We actively support the de­vel­opment of ecovillages, eco-village projects and the strengthening of existing villages and relevant networks in all parts of Africa.

The African Ecovillage Network assists, educates and supports villages and communities towards self-sufficiency, through social entrepreneurship and development of grassroots projects, while building solidarity and co-operation between people.

GEN Africa works within the following thematic Areas

  • Education & Capacity Building
  • Model Ecovillages and Training Centers
  • Advocacy
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Healing and Reconciliation
  • Food Sovereignty
  • Natural Resources and Restoration
  • Ethical Business and Fair Trade
  • Communication and Information Technology


GEN Africa in 2015

Phase 1

Establish GEN offices, Eco-Art School, community empowering industries, various smaller scale community self-help art and craft projects, a permaculture plan for the villagers and volunteers.

Phase 2

GEN Africa establishes a fully fledged eco-art school for basic entry level as well as higher education opportunities. Local teachers and international facilitators are allocated for this school. It will offer subject such as Africa Ubuntu Life Coaching, fitness, wilderness trails, arts and craft, flora and fauna awareness courses , land use design, Dragon Dreaming and Ecovillage Design Courses, permaculture, and many more.

Phase 3

The main priority of GEN Africa in 2015 is to be working on the pilot project of Msauli being a self-sustainable ecovillage created from an asbestos ghost town into a consecrated ecovillage that inspires the region and the world. Other priorities include supporting ecovillage projects and the emergence of national platforms across the continent.

People who donate money to GEN Africa make a meaningful difference in the lives of Africans at grassroots level. In this particular endeavour, GEN Africa seeks to not only refurbish villages that made poisonous mining practices, unfair policies or apartheid employment methods and economic class elitism. GEN is doing its part to bring about a blossoming change to the regions of forgotten and ravaged parts of Africa. There are many villages and towns deteriorating or abandoned by uncouth colonial type mining practices. GEN Africa has embarked on a campaign to help raise the these communities for world peace and stability.

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The Global Ecovillage Network Africa
GEN Africa website

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