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In 2015, GENOA continues to devote its work to connecting and bridging intentional communities, ecological initiatives, and traditional networks throughout the region by sharing information, learning, experiences, and wisdom relevant to the context of the varying political, socio-cultural, and ecological dimensions the region is facing today. Addressing poverty, the rise in conflicts, and increase in vulnerability to climate change are some of the significant backdrops the regional ecovillage initiatives are working with.

This year, more meaningful membership expansion and gatherings are intended to be hosted to gather sub-regional groupings to better connect on the level of shared contexts. Special projects include the development of a story harvesting platform to map out Asian and Oceania best practices and models that can help develop a unique regional ecovillage design. Other highlighted projects include appropriate technologies led by indigenous villages promoting a grow your own food movement, bottle brick making for initiating green buildings, development of nurseries, and installation of solar lights for villages. We are bringing women together from different ethnic and religious groups, using the home garden as the tool for social reconciliation.

An ecovillage inspired transformative healthcare and self health empowerment is emerging There are also various activities by youth in pursuing sustainable lives and social change apart from competition-centered lives in urban areas as they explore alternative education, alternative economics, co-housing, returning to rural areas, international cooperation, art, food, culture, etc. We are responding to the increasing vulnerability of our region through a special think tank mapping and evolving ecovillage led responses to conflict and disasters called EmerGENcies Protocol. We hope to end the year with a learning exchange gathering to hold conversations, learnings, and innovations about ecovillages in response to climate change.

Your partnership through financial support brings the necessary operational and logistical pathways to bring about the learning and sharing spaces and systems bridging the exchange of experiences, best practice, and applied wisdom across the region as we respond to the important changes we are facing in this part of earth today

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