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NextGEN is the youth movement of the Global Ecovillage Nework and is active in all regions of GEN. The idea of gathering as the younger generations of the Global Ecovillage Network emerged several years ago – NextGEN was born. NextGEN was started by youth at the GEN+10 Conference in Findhorn in 2005 and had a second resurgence in 2012.

NextGEN within each region is operating with its own focus and specific goals. In the regions of Oceania and Asia, Africa, North America and Europe there are groups gathered under the NextGEN name. In Latin America the younger generations call themselves CASA Jóvenes.

Donate to NextGEN if you would like to support the ecovillage movement of young people. Support NextGEN as a whole or support a specific regional NextGEN group by adding this information when making your donation.

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The young generation of the Ecovillage Network
NextGEN website

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